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Friday, November 9, 2007

Sexy housewife look

I abosolutely adore this tunic i found over at ASOS from Darimeya.
I love the soft fabric tunic, and paired with short washed jeans looks casual n yet still sexy.
I'd vote this as my favourite sexy housewife look. Gorgeous.

Darimeya Leaf Print Tunic
NOW £35.00

Sweater Dresses

I'm currently soooooooo into dresses. Most of my new purchases are dresses...though i can be kinda choosy because u know i have them buldges to hide.

Been nosing about at oldnavy and i just love love love this turtle neck sweater dress!! Too bad the tropical weather here doesn't permit, otherwise, it is the perfect Christmas dress!!

If you like it, its available over at oldnavy's here.

Welcome to Shopping With Fashionasia!

I've decided to setup this blog as a giant Ms.Fashionasia wishlist!!
Every fashionista has a wish list....and the list goes on and on and on and it never ends
For one, i loveeeeee to window shop online and i often stumble upon really lovely designs and stuffs that makes my heart scream " i want those!!!"

I guess this wish list will document and keep track of things that I totally fancy and stuffs that I desire. Hopefully it will turn out good and motivate me to earn more doshh to satisfy my desires.
Well, come worst......if it backfires.....i'd become a shopaholic.....and broke....but at least i still look pretty?!

Hope you enjoy "shopping" with Fashionasia!