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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Betsey Johnson Watches

There was a time in my teens when my favorite thing in the whole world would be Watches!
I collected many of one point, the most i have would probably be close to 20 watches?!
hehe....thats alot i know! but most of them don't cost much......neh....those pasar malam ones, that costs btwn RM10-20 each. And just one or two expensive ones like a swatch and a guess.
I particularly love special unique designs. I like to collect them. I even have a disco watch that will emit disco lights when you shake it. Boy i love that one.
I also have a particular favorite that is in baby blue and have flower petal design on the watch face.
ah...those were they days.

Nowadays, although i do have a number of watches, but not more than 10. I only interchange between 2 or 3 of them. And i don't buy as many watches anymore.
If i have the money, i would love to have these from the Betsey Johnson. Boy i love her watches. rose. So elegant.

(all from ASOS)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Maxi Dresses

I have this weird craving to go buy myself a maxi dress.
Something i haven't worn for years.
Here are some selected maxi dresses from Victoria Secrets.
I wonder where can i find such dresses in Malaysia?
Maxi dresses are really hard to come by, most of the time we have mini skirts and sun dress....but they are almost always above the knee.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jumper Pants

OMG! I so want this jumper!!
I first saw this in the ASOS newsletter and it just caught my attention.
But when I read the names "Paris Hilton" and "Amy Winehouse" ......i scrounge my face.
I can't imagine AMY WINEHOUSE wearing such a beautiful piece of garment. ahaks....

oh but i think they meant the Brand - Disaya. And not this particular piece. Because it is just too gorgeous.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Wedding to Attend

Lately i've been having way too many weddings to attend its really annoying the hell out of me.
Mainly because

1. I put on a lot of weight
2. I can't fit into all my gorgeous dinner clothings anymore
3. I hate to meet up with gorgeous people and feeling downright ugly because i've balloon up like a whale
4. I hate obligatory chit chats
5. I can't find anything suitable to wear
6. I don't like to overdress, nor underdress. This is tough.

Just a few dresses i wish i have that i think isn't over the top nor, too under dressed for a wedding.

From ASOS. Feast.

ok this may not exactly be good for wedding dinners, but i think its gorgeous for either a beach wedding or garden wedding.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MAC Fafi Collection

I droolz.....
I coveteth.....

MAC fafi collection was launched in Feb....

Truth is, i am never a fan of MAC. In fact, MAC isn't as popular as it is in the beauty industry at other parts of the world. Malaysians just doesn't dig MAC as much.
I guess partly because they hire trannys as their sales person over the counter. Not only that, they put on too much make-up, are snobby and isn't friendly at all.

Otherwise, I think they can do well in the beauty arena because they have the widest range of vibrant and sharp colors. Most beauty lovers over the world swear by MAC.

Normally, i'm not a big fan. But, I just love their Fafi collection!!! I'm itching to try them out....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vintage Stretch Belt

Looking at vintage stretch belts such as this one from HotTopic really brought back lots of memories for me.

I remember my mom used to have 1 of those and when i was a little girl, my mom's closet was absolutely my treasure chest!!! I always dig into her closet and play dress up....of course when she is at work...teeheee.....i wonder if she knows?!!

Somehow this vintage stretch belt gave me this nostalgic feeling. Oh how i love how that belt make my waist look soooo slim. :)

I wonder if i would look good with that belt now.

I'm itching to get myself one of these belts.....i just can't find them anywhere in PJ.

Colored Jeans

I received a newsletter from asos about the must haves for this season.
And one of the items are Colored Jeans.

I'm undecided on this one.....i mean, colored jeans looks great on models for United colors of Benetton. However, i can't imagine myself wearing colored jeans at all....

If i dig back into my memory.......i think i rememberd that the only "funny colored" jeans i had was a bermuda jeans in PURPLE. wakakaka....with frills!!!!.......forgive me for it was the nineties.

Will you ever wear colored jeans? Imagine green, blue, yellow, orange...?? Not those washed jeans colors but really color pencil color........ I''m stilllllllllllllll undecided on this.

But anyway, i'm glad the boot cut jeans is making its come back......I can't wait!!! I look awful in skinny jeans.......

ps. intended to put some pics but the internet is horribly slow.....maybe some other time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trying out new patient

I want a new template for my shopping site.....
I'm trying something patient and check back tomorrow.
doing some testing today.....Tata!!

[edited: can someone teach me how to replace the "search on this blog" on the right with my own google search??!! i can't figure out how to do it la.....i'm XML illiterate.....]

Monday, March 3, 2008

I love my coach!

I bought my 2 coaches from Madamme shopper.
It arrived couple of weeks ago. And i've been using the bleaker ever since. I love it! it totally doesn't disappoint me. The size is just right to fit my long purse, my handphone, some tissues, namecard holder and my makeup pouch. Not alot, but the size is just right! also the leather strap is very beautiful. I guess its worth every penny you pay for as when i compare my coach with my other cheap hand bags , the quality of the coach is really much more superior.

I'm a very happy customer.

If you like it, she's having one in black now!!! YES!!! black!!! you guys should just go ahead and buy the damn bag lah.......please buy because if nobody snatches it....i'm gonna go crazy and buy the exact same bag in black!!! sheeshhh....shows how much im in love with it.

I bought the patchwork swing pack too. Its my hearts desire!! been wanting it for so long......but the swingpack is kinda too small for my liking actually. Can't fit alot of things..... So i'm gonna keep this aside and see if there's any occasion to use it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fashionasiashops is PR2!!

I know i've been messing my posts, i am torn between updating stuffs on my main site over at and this one
I really haven't decided on what stuffs goes sometimes my reviews are here.......sometimes it goes there.....but im thinking....i am.

See, my main site was penalised with my PR3 strip to PR0 cos of some paid well as textlinkads. Thats why i've decided to build another site here.....also fashion niche....but totally conforming to the Big G! means.....Google everything all the way.... :)

Initially i wanted to regain my PR in, but after much thought i've decided to just leave it as that and build a new site here ( i haven't really been doing anything, just growing contents slowly......... but surprise surprise without much effort and only 17 post.......Another PR wave came and THIS 17 post blog is already a PR2!!!! fewwfeeet!!!

:) this news totally rake me....and i want to really grow it and make great posts and make it PR worthy. I'm also contemplating a ".com" but we'll see.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coach Slingback loafers for the spring

I love that it is casual and chic,
I love that its color is vibrant,
I love the mary jane front,
I love the slingback......:)

So perfect for the spring. Need i say more?!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Coach Lipgloss and Lipstick

You know, I have no idea they have beauty products!

And.....well, now that i know about it.............I is Coveteth!!

This pretty, polished gloss is packaged in a glam bottle featuring our iconic Signature pattern. You will love the selection of flattering colors.
  • Signature Coach bottle with applicator
  • Colors from left to right: Gardenia, Hibiscus, and Heather
  • Price: $22

    I just love lipgloss with brush applicator like this, it gives better definition to the edges..

    OH MY GOD....i just want to scream when i see this. I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So gorgeous.........they even have a coach print at the lippy! Who would even have the heart to use them?!!! plus, it is actually affordable at $18! I wonder how much they are selling here in Malaysia....

    Finish off your Coach look with a pop of color. These brilliant new lipsticks have three flattering shades to choose from. Each comes in a unique tube featuring our iconic Signature pattern.
  • Full coverage
  • Lightweight and long lasting
  • Includes Shea Butter and Almond Oil to moisturize lips
  • Colors from left to right: Poppy, Rose, Peony
  • Sold individually
  • Price: $18

    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    What I'm currently into ..............

    Firstly, I'm into overalls....From skirts, long skirts, short skirts overall.....or jumpsuits....
    Seriously i'm really looking for a nice pair of jump suites.....and still searching.

    Next up, I'm totally crazy over faux jeans leggings!!! OMG.......they look like jeans but is 100xtimes much more comfortable than jeans!! I love it so far i only have 1 pair. I'm going to get more of these. They look great with just about anything.

    Blouse in EXTRA LARGE. XXL!!

    I took a bit of risk and bought a blouse in XXL. Was thinking to wear it loose like a huge shirt and then put on a belt....did it and the results were amazing. Most of all, it was very chic and comfortable too.

    Here is a pants jumper. Me Likey!! I'm looking for these. But the only drawback about them is.....peeing can be quite a chore.

    Last of all is layered skirts.......feels great and very feminine to wear.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Next Coach Mission

    teehee...I'll be expecting my Coach handbags!! yes with an S yo! 2 bags!!! (hehe mind the exclamation marks, im excited..) in couple of days....probably a week. :)

    So, for the love of Coach in me, i've taken some time to visit the Coach website to see what else i like and plan my next Coach mission.

    If i have it my way, i would probably get myself some Coach footwear.
    The 3 below will most likely be the one I would invest on.

    Firstly, The New MARGOT Flat!

    Secondly, the SHEELA Loafer

    Lastly the SWEETY Wedge

    Probably in that order, or when i find a good bargain! :)

    Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    Caution When handling Pink Fluffy Juicy Bag!

    Caution When handling Pink Fluffy Juicy Bag!

    Dont hold them too tightly if you are wearing black or new clothes!!!!! lovely pretty juicy couture pink and fluffy is almost sad sad sad.....

    it happened on my first use!! i wore a black dress. And held my lovely juicy handbag against my dress at the underarms.
    And when i got home, i realized some black patches on my fluffy juicy!!! soso sad! The dress must have transfered some colors on to them....

    oh my precious juicy.....

    so just my word of extra careful with what you wear.

    Saturday, January 26, 2008 Kawaii ne!!

    I stumbled upon, an online shop from japan and i just love the pieces they have...though the price is pretty steep considering the clothes are made in china.
    Nonetheless i absolutely adore some of these kawaii clothes....

    This is my favourite...

    Argyle knit ensemble
    A trendy set of a shawl-style bolero and an argyle camisole with a British flavor. Put the ribbon brooch on as you like!
    Item No. T75643
    Regular price JP¥ 9,400
    Price/each JP¥ 6,700
    Approx. amount US$ 62.97

    Frilled tweed coat
    A gorgeous coat in pink made of a shimmery spring tweed material. Useful from the beginning of spring. Also nice for parties.
    Item No. T75653
    Regular price JP¥ 17,900
    Price/each JP¥ 12,900
    Approx. amount US$ 121.24

    Waist Ribbon Cardigan w/Lamé

    Item No. H07004
    Regular price JP¥ 4,980
    Price/each JP¥ 3,300
    Approx. amount US$ 31.02

    Bi-color dress suit
    A white dress ensemble suit in a marine taste with black trimming.
    Item No. T75528
    Regular price JP¥ 18,900
    Price/each JP¥ 13,600
    Approx. amount US$ 127.82

    Fully lacy mermaid long dress
    Gorgeous design with fully arranged lace with an accent of lace-up at back. The beautiful mermaid lines from waist to hem are also remarkable!
    Item No. T75674
    Regular price JP¥ 12,900
    Price/each JP¥ 9,500
    Approx. amount US$ 89.29

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    My New Juicy Bag

    yahoo!! My Juicy bag had finally arrived!
    I bought them from an online individual. This is the first time i've purchase anything from individuals. I must admit that, it was pretty risky to do that because I have to transfer full payment first and then expect my parcel in 10 days...
    But this lady Madame shopper is a very nice lady.....she does things fast and efficient. My bag was packed and shipped to me immediately from the US after my maybank2u transfer.
    Thought the bag seems smaller than i envisioned. But its in perfect condition and carefully packed.

    I love it! She even take you can order stuffs from the US that you can't find over here in Malaysia. She have a wide selection of Liz Clairborne stuffs.

    I'm giving her a shoutout for wonderful service.

    I saw my ninewest that im thinkinggggggggg to buy.....hehe
    we'll see when is my next purchase. Till then, u gals can go give her a visit at

    Sunday, January 20, 2008

    Coach Coach Hota Hey!! (ha ha so corny....can't help myself) title so corny rite!! Can't help it lah....

    Anyway, I've been seeing and hearing alot about Coach these days. I think Coach popularity in Malaysia have significantly increased for the past few years particularly last year where I've seen so many people with Coach over their shoulders. I think the over-the-shoulders hobo bag is the most popular over here.

    Here are some of my personal picks....

    I must say the Ergo Signature Tote is my favorite among the coaches as it have its signature design that is quite unique. I haven't seen any replica's of this before unlike the hobo where the fake Coach are aplenty!!!


    I like this new hamtons zebra tote because of the cute silk scarf, and also the zebra print across...i particularly like this green one cos i think it looks very unique and young with the vibrant color.


    I love the Holiday Patchwork editions, its lovely! I'm very tempted to get myself the swingpack...I'm currently obsessed with crossbody slingbags...

    So which Coach is your favourite??

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Hot Topic online store (punk, rock, grunge)

    If you guys love the punk look. This store is a must visit!!!
    (found them from thefashionable girl)
    They have lovely items at bargain prices! Check out the clearance section with mark down prices...

    And, on top of punk, they also have the most cutesy stuffs!!!

    Here are some finding that i love....

    Hello Kitty Pink Heart Pajama Pants
    Was:$19.99 Now:$9.98
    Lounge around in these pink pajama pants featuring an allover print of Hello Kitty faces and black hearts with pink logos inside. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Imported.

    T.U.K.Red Bow Platform Heels
    Was:$29.99 Now:$14.98
    This pair of red faux patent leather heels features a V-cut peeptoe with a bow accent on the front. 1/2" platform and a thick 4" heel. Man made materials. Imported. Available in women's sizes 6-11.

    Tripp Red Black And Ivory Diamond Corset
    Was:$42.00 Now:$20.98
    This black corset features an allover red and ivory diamond print and 5 strap accents across the front. Adjustable, removable straps. Back zipper closure. 97% cotton. 3% spandex. Hand wash cold. Dry flat. Imported. By Tripp.

    Black And Pink Heart Wedges
    Was:$29.99 Now:$14.98
    This pair of black wedges features a pink heart print on the 4" wedge with pink faux leather trim and pink buttons on the adjustable straps. Peep-toe. Sling-back. Black soles. Man made materials. Imported.Available in women's sizes 6-11.

    Attempt Pink Polka Dot Tube Dress
    Was:$48.00 Now:$23.98
    This ultra-cute tube dress has a solid black underlayer, pink mesh overlayer with black polka dots, an elastic top and black faux leather belt. Measures about 27" from top to bottom. Shell is 93% nylon and 7" spandex. Hand wash cold. Dry flat. Imported.

    Turquoise Glitter Love Necklace
    Was:$12.99 Now:$5.98
    This silver tone chain link necklace attaches to each end of a 3" long turquoise glitter "Love" pendant featuring a silver sequin heart charm. 22" long with a 3" adjustable extender. Lobster clasp. Base metals. Plastic. Imported.

    ooOOOoo.....too many lovely things to list down here.....why dont you guys head over and take a look.