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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Betsey Johnson Watches

There was a time in my teens when my favorite thing in the whole world would be Watches!
I collected many of one point, the most i have would probably be close to 20 watches?!
hehe....thats alot i know! but most of them don't cost much......neh....those pasar malam ones, that costs btwn RM10-20 each. And just one or two expensive ones like a swatch and a guess.
I particularly love special unique designs. I like to collect them. I even have a disco watch that will emit disco lights when you shake it. Boy i love that one.
I also have a particular favorite that is in baby blue and have flower petal design on the watch face.
ah...those were they days.

Nowadays, although i do have a number of watches, but not more than 10. I only interchange between 2 or 3 of them. And i don't buy as many watches anymore.
If i have the money, i would love to have these from the Betsey Johnson. Boy i love her watches. rose. So elegant.

(all from ASOS)