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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Wedding to Attend

Lately i've been having way too many weddings to attend its really annoying the hell out of me.
Mainly because

1. I put on a lot of weight
2. I can't fit into all my gorgeous dinner clothings anymore
3. I hate to meet up with gorgeous people and feeling downright ugly because i've balloon up like a whale
4. I hate obligatory chit chats
5. I can't find anything suitable to wear
6. I don't like to overdress, nor underdress. This is tough.

Just a few dresses i wish i have that i think isn't over the top nor, too under dressed for a wedding.

From ASOS. Feast.

ok this may not exactly be good for wedding dinners, but i think its gorgeous for either a beach wedding or garden wedding.


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