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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Juicy Bag

yahoo!! My Juicy bag had finally arrived!
I bought them from an online individual. This is the first time i've purchase anything from individuals. I must admit that, it was pretty risky to do that because I have to transfer full payment first and then expect my parcel in 10 days...
But this lady Madame shopper is a very nice lady.....she does things fast and efficient. My bag was packed and shipped to me immediately from the US after my maybank2u transfer.
Thought the bag seems smaller than i envisioned. But its in perfect condition and carefully packed.

I love it! She even take you can order stuffs from the US that you can't find over here in Malaysia. She have a wide selection of Liz Clairborne stuffs.

I'm giving her a shoutout for wonderful service.

I saw my ninewest that im thinkinggggggggg to buy.....hehe
we'll see when is my next purchase. Till then, u gals can go give her a visit at


Madame Shopper said...

Looooveeee youuuuu!!!! mmmuuaahhhhsss....:-)